Sybaritic Boutique Story

            Our owner Himal Kamdar came to the USA in 2010 to pursue her MS in pharmaceutical product development & always been interested in fashion & shopping since her childhood.

            Throughout the years of shopping in various malls, Himal noticed that many retail shops weren’t helping her or others to find the right outfit for their next occasion and women were confused about finding stylish outfits for each occasion. She also noticed that there were many handbags on the market using leather material, so being an animal lover Himal wanted to create and design handbags that weren’t made from real leather so, animals didn't need to get killed. 

            Himal wanted to solve these 2 problems in the market & had bouncing ideas about those and As a solution, Sybaritic Boutique was born. Sybaritic Bags started with just one kiosk in Christiana Mall, in the heart of Delaware, with Vegan handbags and other fashion accessories. After 2 years, Himal decided to convert her passion into a cute Women's boutique, a one-stop shop.


               Himal’s true passion was always to help her customers choose the right outfits for every occasion & fashion consultation in her boutique.During that journey, she realized that she was mostly serving women who were busy office women and were always confused about which tops or outfits they should wear daily to look trendy, beautiful & confident. To find something to wear daily at the office is always a challenge for her customers.

             She further started digging into her customer’s problems that they always wanted something which can keep them organized and as a result Himal introduced her unique design of bag “Tabulate” where she made a bag with multiple compartments and she labeled each one with the most important sections for their needs.

            Himal has always been focused on making the daily life of women better, so a year after tabulate was launched , she made her second unique design “Conve” where you can change the bag's colors by attaching different color flaps. So, a woman would need to just purchase one handbag and then can purchase different varieties of flaps to use for different occasions!

             Himal’s love for animals is endless and that’s why our boutique has donated monthly to “Tanner’s Endless Love, Inc”, a non profit company based in DE, that raises money for special needs animals in order to help them find and stay in loving & caring homes.

             Himal has made sure that Sybaritic Boutique is standing up for you and your comfort & she has created a space where women can come and get relaxed from their busy office life. Sybaritic boutique has organized many “Sip & Shop '' events on weekends to provide a fun & relaxed environment to  customers as well as fashion quizzes and balloon popping events.

             In Summary, From one moment to the next, Sybaritic is there for you, dressing you and empowering you to thrive, in the office and at home, making it easy to always stay stylish and comfortable.