Meet the Owner

Himal Kamdar:

Hi, I am Himal Kamdar, Founder & Head of operations at Sybaritic Boutique. I love animals & fashion. I started working in my parents Backpack's store back in India from my childhood & fell in love in Handbags, unique styles, latest trends & designs. Because of that passion, I started a kiosk in Christiana Mall, DE &  because of my beautiful customer's responses, I was able to open my vegan  Boutique in Bear, DE. 

I strongly believe that animals shouldn't be killed in order to look fashionable & trendy so, I decided to open a vegan boutique. We are PETA approved company & we carry luxurious, fashionable and stylist Vegan clothing, bags, jewelries & Accessories. 

My mission is not only to provide high-quality fashionable clothes but, also help our customers to choose the best outfit with handbag to carry at their office daily or their upcoming occasions so they look fashionable, stylist & trendy and they stay confidence all day along. I also love to show some of styles tips to my customers for some specific products about different ways of using it.