Top Luxury vegan handbags in the market

Veganism is becoming a massively pathbreaking movement, creating history as it goes forward. It has not only brought about a colossal dietary change among those who are turning vegan, but it has also completely transformed and redefined the world of fashion and luxury. 

Nothing makes more of a statement than opting for luxurious fashion that is eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free. 

Luxury fashion that is sustainable, cruelty-free and ethical is in fact making quite an impact and moving ahead in the race. It has managed to slightly reduce the sale of animal-based products and has an edge over the same. 

Vegan fashion has turned into a super-luxurious venture changing its image of products being made just from scrap and being seemingly unattractive. 

Vegan fashion items are more often than not made with materials that are really good and it does not in any way compromise on the look, feel and quality of the item. 

There has also been a lot of advancement when it comes to the kind of vegan companies being used now unlike what it was earlier. If you are on the lookout for some affordable and pretty emerging vegan handbag brand then visit Sybaritic Bags & Clothing. It is a luxury vegan boutique with amazing fashion items. All their products are ethically sourced, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. 

What’s the most appealing aspect of vegan luxury fashion items you ask? They are so much more affordable than non-vegan items. So why not opt for such an amazing alternative and make an effort at transforming our planet to a better place? 

Top 10 luxury vegan handbags in the market:

  • Mini Falabella by Stella McCartney
  • Stella McCartney is a pioneer when it comes to vegan luxury fashion and has been coming up with excellent products for a very long time. She was in fact one of the first to start using animal-friendly and ethical materials. 

    Mini Falabella is an iconic blue shoulder bag from her brand made with 40% polyurethane and 60% polyamide. Apart from this, she has a whole range of fabulous handbags you can check out.  

    This is definitely a strong recommendation!

  • Thoroughbred Bag by Jill Milan
  • Jill Milan is another top-notch luxury vegan bags brand. They have a vast collection of jaw-dropping handbags, clutches, totes and a lot more. 

    All their bags are sewn manually by hand and even the metalwork is completely handmade. 

    The Thoroughbred Bag was brought back into the collection to support the cause of Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue. 

    If you’re looking for a handbag that is stunning and will surely make heads turn, you have to consider this!

  • Adel Satchel by Matt and Nat
  • Unlike what most people would perceive it to be, the name Matt and Nat does not stand for the names of a designer duo but are shorter versions of the words “material” and “nature”. Two terms that are founding pillars of the brand. 

    Matta and Nat is a Canadian luxury vegan brand that is committed in their purpose to protect the environment and constantly keep experimenting with their vegan leather production process and the materials used. 

    Polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride are the substances most commonly used by them. 

    Although they do have a marvelous collection of handbags, the Adel Satchel is one that surely stands out. A wonder that comes in a few color options is something we strongly recommend for office meetings, formal parties or even a lunch date with the girls. 

  • Anja Baguette by Nanushka
  • A popular name in the luxury vegan fashion industry, Nanushka has a wide range of products. 

    The founder, Sandra Sandor is strongly against the killing and exploitation of animals in order to make great fashion. 

    Their bags are unique and come with the most unpredictable detailing. 

    The Anja Baguette is a strikingly attractive bag made with polyester, polyurethane and a material called Zamak is used for the classic metal trimmings. 

  • De Pijp by Osier
  • A luxury vegan brand which believes in ethically manufactured products and aims to bring about a change in the fashion industry. The key values they follow are transparency, sustainability and quality. 

    Each bag which is a part of their collection is named after different districts of Amsterdam. 

    Our pick from their wide range of bags? The De Pijp. It spells chic and is so useful. Being a bucket bag, the size really comes in handy letting you stuff all that you need inside the bag without bloating it up. 

  • Midi Backpack by Sportschic
  • Now, this is a brand that we really adore. Sportschic was founded with the purpose of simplifying women’s lives. Their range of bags is extremely vast, catering to all sorts of needs. 

    Sportschic bags have some really cool features such as insulated pockets and compartments that maintain the right temperature for your drinks, the inner lining of the bags are waterproof and antimicrobial, and the outer surface is both waterproof and UV protected. 

    This female-owned business definitely understands the need of women. 

    Their Midi Backpack is the perfect companion for all your outings combining both style and utility. 

  • Sophie Tote Bag by LaBante London
  • LaBante is definitely a brand to look out for. Their ethically produced, cruelty-free handbags stand strong as a testament to their motto “fashion with respect”. 

    Their bags are made with premium quality vegan leather and PVC is completely avoided. Apple leather is the most common material used by them to manufacture the stunning and beautiful handbags that they make. 

    In fact, 10% of their profits go to charity. LaBante seems like a strong contender in the industry and is here for the long run. 

    Our pick from their collection? The Sophie Tote bag is the perfect combination of glam and grace. 

  • Bella Micro Crossbody by Melie Bianco
  • When you think of truly ethical and morally high luxury vegan fashion production, you just can’t miss out on Melie Bianco. 

    Their bags are made with top-quality vegan leather and they do not believe in compromising on quality or craftsmanship at all. The best part is that they are certified by PETA, sweatshop-free and operate under a profit-sharing model. 

    The Bella Micro Crossbody is one of the best in their entire range. It is available in a variety of colors, gives a really edgy look with the shiny croc leather and the small size really helps in giving you a light and breezy feel. 

    What we simply LOVE about this particular product is the price. At $69, it is such a steal! 

  • Cher Micro range by Angela ROI
  • Another brand that sticks to its principles and does its best to protect nature while making sure that the glam quotient doesn’t drop. 

    Their bags are created with EPUL (Excellent Polyurethane Leather) and exhibit brilliance with each range. 

    A brand with a clean heart, Angela ROI donates a percentage of each sale that they make to ASPCA and also ensure fair wages for its artisans. 

    The Cher Micro range from their brand is something that we can’t get enough of. With a lovely pebble textured design, gunmetal hardware and a compact look, it is winning hearts. 

  • Charlie Bag by Denise Roobol
  • A PETA approved vegan retailer, Denise Roobol never compromises on quality. Their bags are made with high-quality vegan microfibre and a coating is provided as well to protect the body of the bag from sunlight and water. 

    The Charlie Bag range from their collection is available in multiple colours and a must buy. The sleek and alluring look of the bag makes it perfect for every occasion.

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