Top 5 vegan dresses to woo him on your first date

Top 5 vegan dresses to woo him on your first date

First dates are always crazy. Whether you have found your date online or offline, there is always so much anticipation, nervousness and excitement prior to meeting him the first time. 

The butterflies in your stomach not letting you eat from the previous night. Then the next day when you arrive at the restaurant your hands are cusped and sweating, your body feeling all jittery. 

Now let’s rewind a little and think about all the preparations you undergo for a first date and the million thoughts that cross your mind. How should I introduce myself? What should I speak about? How much should I eat? How should I talk? 

But the most important “what should I wear?”. It takes precedence over everything else because you really want to look gorgeous and attractive. 

Choosing the perfect outfit for the first date is an elaborate task, involving multiple calls and video calls with the girlfriends. Skimming through all the clothes in the cupboard, trying on the best ones in front of the mirror, in fact often even going out and shopping for a new one. 

Even in the middle of all this chaos, the ones amongst us who are vegan need to make environmentally conscious choices when buying a dress. Therefore the going does get tough. But who said tough cannot be fun? 

5 vegan dresses to woo him on your first date

2021 is practically the year of fashion. People have been locked up in their houses for way too long and now want to experiment with clothing and accessorizing at every opportunity they get. There is so much talk about fashion and a dozen new styles to try on. Hence there is a lot to explore when you think of dressing up. 

So how about we take a look at some vegan, environmentally conscious outfit ideas that will not let him take his eyes off you? 

Let’s have a look!

  • Sheer top and a (faux) leather skirt 
  • This is an outfit that gives off a super cool, rock and roll kind of vibe. 

    Perfect to make you look hot, no-nonsense and chic. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t take a girl in this kind of an outfit seriously?? 

    When you are dressed up like this, he is sure to go gaga. For those of us who definitely dislike wearing leather clothing, faux leather or pleather is a great alternative. Very similar in look and feel, but completely cruelty-free.

  • Leopard print bottoms 
  • Well, there is no debating that leopard prints are superbly stylish and mind-blowing. Whether you wear a leopard print top or bottom, it is sure to add that zing to your look. 

    The best part about animal prints is that they are vegan and eco-friendly since they are prints and not actually animal skin. 

    You can practically pair any glittery or plain top with leopard print pants and a set of boots or heels, giving you a fierce, fun and bewildering look. 

  • Satin, slinky slip dresses
  • Okay, we are going to just say it loud and clear. A mini satin slip dress is the absolute perfect first date outfit. 

    It is sexy, alluring, hot and oozing with charm and aura. Take our word for it, it really does not get hotter than this. 

    You can pair it up with some danglers or long shimmery earrings and a beautiful pair of heels. 

    If you want to go for a slightly more relaxed or casual look, you can pair it up with a fitted t-shirt on top or just leave it as it is. 

    Satin unlike silk is a vegan-friendly material since it is synthetic and not obtained from animal sources. Hence you get to look extremely seductive without feeling guilty.

  • Denim mini dress or playsuit
  • Denim is a vegan’s best friend when it comes to clothing. We all wear denim extensively and clearly, it is the most durable, stylish, comfortable and versatile material. 

    There is so much made with denim today. Starting from jeans to shirts, bags, shoes, jackets, shorts, dresses and a lot more. 

    Denim can be worn and paired in a thousand different ways. 

    A cute mini denim dress or a denim playsuit with sneakers and hoop earrings is brilliant for a first date, making you look playful, cool and very attractive. 

    Another win-win denim outfit combination is a satin slip with denim shorts, statement earrings and heels to give you that sensuous, edgy look. 

  • Sweater dress
  • If you are someone hailing from a colder region or simply are going out on a winter night date, you would obviously want to keep yourself warm. Shivering and teeth-rattling are really not ideal looks for a first date. 

    In such a scenario, something you can swear by is a body-hugging sweater or cardigan dress which is more commonly called a jumper dress. Pair it up with some minimalistic jewelry and gorgeous heels. 

    These kinds of dresses give out a mature, tantalizing and flirtatious vibe which is sure to make him feel all sorts of things. 

    A jumper dress is your go-to, winter wardrobe essential which helps you look ravishing and keeps you warm as well. 

    If you are a vegan reading this and wondering how to opt for this dress as it is sourced from animals, keep your worries aside. A lot of alternatives for wool are available such as fleece, cotton flannel etc. Just make sure to pick a jumper dress that’s made from any of the mentioned materials. These are available in most online stores or malls.

     These were our suggestions for the top 5 vegan dresses or outfits you can wear to woo him straight out of his mind on your first date.  Trust us on this, you are certainly not going to be disappointed. 

    Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, a lot of you might be going on lovely first dates. If you want help in personally choosing a mind-blowing outfit and going through a range of some luxurious vegan clothing, Sybaritic is your answer.

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