Top 5 reasons why one should opt for Vegan Fashion

Top 5 reasons why one should opt for Vegan Fashion

Meta Title: Top 5 reasons why one should opt for Vegan Fashion

Meta Description: An important factor for you to consider vegan fashion is that it is very skin-friendly and does not cause any kind of dermatological issues. Read more!!

Veganism is spreading far and wide with thousands of people choosing to adopt this lifestyle every day, month and year. It is being widely embraced as an eco-friendly, sensitive and sustainable way of life leading to a healthier lifestyle and helping reduce the damage done to the environment. 

A lot of people consider veganism to be an impactful movement in order to protect animal rights, saving nature and living without having to compromise one’s own morality and principles. 

Although you might think it is pretty tricky and complicated, in reality, it is much simpler to follow through with. 

Another common misconception some of us tend to have about veganism is that it is only about making a dietary change and not consuming meat or animal-based products. But it is so much more than that, it entails bringing about an entire change in everything we ever use. Starting from clothes to bags, footwear to accessories, makeup and beauty products and a lot more. 

What is wrong with wearing animal products? 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that it is extremely cruel and unethical. 

There is nothing wrong with fashion, and it is definitely a means for self-expression, but that should not happen at the cost of another being’s life. 

All kinds of natural instincts of an animal are denied and they are more often than not mutilated, dehorned, skinned and castrated without any kind of anaesthesia, causing them an unbearable and ghastly amount of pain. 

The animals which are reared for products are also kept in extremely dehumanizing conditions leading to both mental and physical agony. 

Animal agriculture also affects the environment badly, contributing to a lot of environmental issues. 

All you need to know about vegan fashion

It is a really positive step to migrate towards vegan fashion and making a choice to be more responsible and conscious. But there are a few things to keep in mind while undergoing this change and carrying on with vegan fashion further in life. 

  • Learn more about non-vegan and vegan fabrics. It is just not about avoiding silk, wool, leather etc. You have to look out for smaller details as well, like maybe leather patches on clothes or a strip of fur somewhere. 

You also need to be doubly sure that the material you are purchasing is actually 100% non-vegan. Check for a PETA approved sign.

  • Choose vegan options that are actually sustainable. 

A lot of vegan materials are derived from synthetic or fossil-fuel-based substances which can really harm the environment. 

Hence every time you purchase something, you will have to dig deeper and find out about the supply chain and how it is truly sourced. 

  • Figure out vegan-friendly alternative fabrics. There are a lot of really interesting and innovative materials that are used as alternatives these days. Such materials are eco-friendly and recyclable apart from being cruelty-free. Apple leather, Pinatex, faux fur made with recycled polyester etc. 
  • A lot of smaller brands and thrift stores tend to experiment with different kind of fabrics, so do make sure to check them out for some unique purchases. 

5 reasons one should opt for vegan fashion

  • Skin-friendly products
  • An important factor for you to consider vegan fashion is that it is very skin-friendly and does not cause any kind of dermatological issues such as rashes, allergies, bruises, serious skin conditions etc. 

    Unlike non-vegan fashion, wherein most products do tend to contain a heavy amount of chemicals and are laced with other harmful substances. Vegan fashion is safe and healthy.

  • Curbing exploitation of animals
  • Animals are living beings and were not meant for us to simply torture and use them. 

    We might be the superior race but we have no right to miserably torture and exploit animals for our own benefit. 

    Due to high demand, breeding has gone up manifold and it automatically leads to a lot of unethical practices. Intensive livestock breeding is extremely torturous for animals as we have spoken about earlier and all of this for what? Just so we can wear a fancy wool sweater? That is really unfair. 

    Especially when there are such great alternatives available to materials sourced from animals, there is no reason for us to not use those. 

    We can understand if you are not immediately able to make a dietary change but even giving up such animal-based materials can make a lot of difference.

  • Environmental benefits
  • The production of non-vegan materials is to a great extent responsible for deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, soil degradation etc. 

    Yes, the manufacture of some vegan materials can also be toxic and harmful but to a much lesser degree if they are used consciously. 

    For instance, leather can be considered harmless since it is just a by-product of the meat industry but its production and sale still contribute to the meat industry and in turn, leads to climate change. Plus the way leather is obtained is extremely tortuous and threatening for cows. 

    Therefore it is a more sensible choice to opt for vegan materials that would reduce the damage done to the environment significantly and help us in preserving it. 

  • Leading the path for innovation and creativity
  • Apart from non-vegan materials being sustainable and good for the environment, they also lead to a lot of experimentation and exploration in the field of fashion. 

    Multiple fashion houses and brands these days are channelling their creativity to come up with something innovative and interesting. Something that is different from the usual. New ways of styling, recycling products, creating unique clothing and so much more. 

    In fact, it is not just fashion houses that are exploring limitlessly. A lot of scientists have been trying to come up with newer fabrics which would be superior and have multiple benefits. 

  • Guilt-free fashion
  • Well, this aspect is so important. It is so freeing and positive to wear clothing or using accessories that have not been obtained by taking a life or tormenting someone. It makes us better human beings and urges us to bring about a change in society. What is even better is that going vegan does not in any way make us compromise in style. You can still keep looking fabulous while being environmentally conscious and guilt-free. 

    If you have just started venturing into vegan fashion, love dressing up and being the style diva, Sybaritic is going to be perfect for you. A luxury vegan boutique to make you a trendsetter. 

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