Sybaritic Boutique’s founder has made the boutique a female paradise as you get everything from clothes to accessories under one umbrella.

Behind The Storefront: Meet The Makers and Curators

Hello there! Sybaritic Boutique and its founder welcome you to this store, guaranteeing you will meet all your fashion expectations. We understand how important it is for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Therefore, the founder and the team behind them have ensured that the customers find everything in this boutique. 

Be it casual, party, office, accessories, or an event. There is something for everyone. Did we mention that we have a jaw-dropping collection of stylish and trendy clothes? Our definition of fashion is that it should be accessible and a head-turner. Now, your inner diva can shop to her heart’s content as the owner, and the team will not disappoint you with their standards and quality. 


Meet The Makers

We are sure you must be excited to meet and read about our iron lady, the woman behind the concept of Sybaritic Boutique, Himal Kamdar. The person with a golden heart, animal and fashion lover. 

Since childhood, she assisted her parents with their Backpack Store in India, and that was the starting point when she fell in love with handbags. She innovated her own style and created her own trends. The passion encouraged her to start and run a kiosk in Christiana Mall, Delaware. The lovely feedback from her clients motivated her to open another vegan store Boutique in Bear, Delaware. 

The theory behind Boutique in Bear is that since Himal Kamdar loves animals, she does not favor them getting killed to use their skin as a fabric for fashion. Hence the vegan boutique came into existence. 

The company is PETA-approved, so you need not worry about the license. The company takes pride in selling fashionable, luxurious, and stylish Vegan clothes, followed by pieces of jewelry, bags, and accessories.

Kamdar’s primary goal is not restricted to making the ladies the talk of the town. It is helping them to choose the perfect matching clothes and accessories for their workplace. 

Apart from that, the owner goes the extra mile by providing tips to the ladies on carrying their products in multiple ways that will increase their confidence wherever they go. 


What Inspired Himal Kamdar To Create A Sybaritic Boutique? 

Himal Kamdar was always an ardent fashion lover and, like any other female, was fond of shopping.


The thing that inspired her was that many stores failed her and other customers like her by not providing them with the ideal outfit that they could flaunt at any event. 

Plus, the handbags that most retailers had on display were manufactured from leather. This was a separate sad factor for an animal lover like HK, and observing this, she made it a point to design bags that did not use animal skin. 

You can say that Sybaritic Boutique was a cure for these prominent problems. The Sybaritic Bags started its journey with one kiosk in Christiana Mall, and magnificently the brand grew to a grand boutique within the period of two years. 


Meet The Curators 

What Sets Sybaritic Boutique Apart?

Unlike other stores that are only focused on reaching their targets, maximum sales, and earning profits, Sybaritic Boutique sets itself apart in the fashion industry. It offers the best fashionable and trendy wear for every type of event, and a plus point is that they sell Vegan products. How many boutiques have you encountered that think about keeping animals safe, too?


The Team Of Fashion Experts 

Himal Kamdar and her like-minded team of fashion experts ensure that once customers enter the outlet, they are satisfied throughout their journey. 


Fashion enthusiasts exclusively arrange clothes for you according to the event you try to pull off. Even if you feel doubtful regarding your choice, the owner will come ahead to provide you with styling tips. Leave your dress makeover on us. 


Committed to Quality

The owner is exceptionally committed and dedicated to quality ethics and supports local talents at all times. 



We hope you enjoyed meeting our founder, Himal Kamdar, and the team behind Sybaritic Boutique. Our out-of-the-box ideas have impressed many clients in the past, and we hope the same will be true in your situation, too. You are most welcome to visit our store or search online physically. Be it a corporate party, a lunch with friends, or a casual day out, the boutique has got your back. The company’s fashion collection range will not let you down. 




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