Stay comfy and tight this fall with faux fur - always the best!

It’s fall, and you would just like to curl around your blanket and stick to bed for all times sake. 

Who doesn’t? Everybody wants some good sleep.

Sleep is good but getting dressed up like a pro fashionista is even better! This fall, the go-to fashion style is none other than faux fur clothing. 

Not animal fur but a more supreme and sustainable fur!

Fur that will give keep you warm and happy and at the same time also ensure that no animals are hurt. 


What is faux fur?

In layman terms, faux fur is a simulated version of real animal fur. The idea behind faux fur is to simulate the quality of real animal fur, that is celebrated among diverse fashion celebrities and people all over the world. Faux fur is made using polymers such as acrylic, modacrylics, and also using blends of these polymers. It’s a great substitute for animal fur, in terms of quality and style.

The journey of faux fur so far!

It all started in 1929 when there was a likely demand for fur, but there had to be an alternative due to its disadvantage of being highly expensive. So passionate fashion designers quickly found out that the hair of the South African mammal, Alpaca, can be used as an imitation for real fur. It did not pick up quite well initially, the quality being marginally poor compared to other exquisite furs such as mink and beaver. 

There was nevertheless so much excitement among the designers of this art since it was inexpensive and the material provided sufficient warmth. This paved the way for other fashion entrepreneurs to step in, and in 1950, a statement was made regarding the quality of this fur. Acrylics were used instead of the hair of the Alpaca, which turned out to be a great factor as they provided the right bulk to imitate real fur. Today, we are highly esteemed to have this wonderful fashion fabric, which is nothing short of the best.


And come the season of fall 2020, faux fur is the absolute choice. 


The upbeat trend of this fall

Do you like huskies for pets? 

Or even faux fur could be that pet!

No matter what kind of style you’re trying to portray, you’ve got it all with faux fur. The diversified range of faux fur styles makes sure that you’re all set for a chic look. These styles will keep you warm throughout this fall and also help you set a powerful statement. 

Let’s take a look into some options to style up with faux fur.

1. The chic look!

Who doesn’t want to look good? It’s fall and even though you might not have friends or cousins visiting you due to Covid-19 restrictions, there’s plenty of time to experiment with your style. 


The number one increment to your wardrobe this fall should be the faux fur vest. Faux fur vests are incredibly beautiful and go well with any outfit. You can wear them with jeans or flowery tops and they offer nothing short than the best chic look. Another fine outfit would be the short faux fur coat which is an all-time favorite of fashionistas who like to exhibit their style. 


The best thing about the short faux fur coat is that you can wear it out for parties as well as inside wear. Pairing it up with a nice pair of shades and a faux fur crossbody designer handbag will magnify the look by all means. 


2. Going out!


What about the going-out look? 


You certainly want an exclusive faux fur look for your dinner parties. With Christmas coming soon, it’s better to pounce on a classic party wear piece to your arsenal of faux fur clothes. 


Don’t look for anything other than the white striped faux fur coat!


This outfit is an absolute stunner and the cord which comes along with it embraces your overall appearance, highlighting the curve beautifully. The white and black faux fur coat is another grand outfit that can be worn as an all-in-one fashion wear. 


3. Pure class


There comes a time when it’s all about class and perfection!


How do we fit our faux fur style now?


It’s called the bomber jacket. This artistic piece of faux fur is pure class. The cutting and design of the bomber jacket render a tough and bold look. Another steamy selection to your fall wardrobe this fall should be the Faux fur Monaco Jacket. The fluffy material of this coat is so comfy and exquisite that makes it the ideal classic fashion wear. The fold-down collar of this outfit generates so much attention to your face and also keeps your throat covered from the cold. 


4. The prom


Given the fact that we’ll be stuck at home this fall, there is no reason why we shouldn’t have a prom dress. 


You could wear it out anywhere, anytime, just celebrating the joy of the season of fall. 


Don’t forget to invite your boyfriend over for a sweet, romantic dance. 


Maybe some wine too!


The long mermaid short sleeve sweetheart prom dress is the absolute prom dress. Embedded with pearls on the top and faux fur on the bottom, this is a stellar piece of romantic flavor. 


Faux fur crossbody handbag - The priceless collection!


The one ingredient that will keep your faux fur outfit lit and sparkling is the priceless faux fur crossbody handbag. They not only keep your personal valuables such as wallets, medicines, and cosmetics safe, they keep it warm and comfy.  The gold-tone hardware interior of these bags is so exquisitely designed to give you maximum comfort and warmth. 


The natural fluffy flavor of faux fur is relished when you have these bags by your shoulder.


It’s such a nice, fuzzy feeling. You might even use it as a pillow. They are so good. 


Sybaritic bags - The pioneer of faux fur handbags!


Embrace the fashionista inside you with the premium faux fur crossbody handbag that we offer. You can trust our faux fur bags for its durability, style, and class. There’s nothing better than helping yourself to this fluffy, home-like designer handbag. 


The faux fur handbag is all yours.  

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