Best vegan Valentine's Day gift ideas for your partner

Best vegan Valentine's Day gift ideas for your partner

Meta Title: Best vegan Valentine's Day gift ideas for your partner

Meta Description: Come on, let’s explore some really interesting, useful and superb gifts you can give your vegan partner this Valentine’s Day. Read our blog!

The season of love is just around the corner. Mushy feelings, butterflies in the stomach, a full heart, cheeky smiles and so much more. Valentine’s Day feels just so special, doesn’t it?

Takes us right back to our school days, when peeping and catching glimpses of our crush was such an adventure. Exchanging shy smiles in the corridor, passing on chocolates and chits, sneaking gifts into the person’s bag. There are memories galore. 

As we grow up, the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day keeps changing as well. Realising that a valentine can mean so many things. Although a lot of people might dislike the celebration, it stands for so much. Love, respect, appreciation, admiration. But one thing that remains constant even after everything? Gifting!

Well, selecting a gift is often not as easy as it may seem, especially when it comes to gifting somebody apart from yourself and showering them with love. There are so many things to keep in mind. What does my partner really like? What are their choices and preferences? What is their lifestyle like? 

What to do if your partner is vegan?

This is where gifting gets even more difficult for a lot of people. Veganism is a comparatively new lifestyle and if you are related to or know someone who is vegan, you understand that a lot needs to be considered while choosing any product. But does that mean we don’t get to gift our vegan friends, partners or family members some amazing gifts? Absolutely not!

Veganism is spreading far and wide and in recent years there have been thousands of people all over the globe who have been converting to the said lifestyle. Therefore it automatically implies that options and choices are plenty. Whether it comes to clothing, food, accessories, footwear, luggage etc. There are vegan alternatives for everything! 

So you can be rest assured that you will definitely not face a scarcity of things to choose from to gift your partner this Valentine’s Day. 

Best vegan Valentine's Day gift ideas for your partner

Come on, let’s explore some really interesting, useful and superb gifts you can gift your vegan partner this Valentine’s Day. All the gift ideas mentioned below are definitely romantic and sweet (duh!), ethical and eco-friendly. Just perfect for your conscious partner!

  • Custom ornaments with a message
  • Think of a cute pendant which says “Herbivore” or a dainty bracelet with “Live and love” written on it. Wouldn’t it be the perfect gift which your partner can proudly wear to dates, luncheons, movies and practically everywhere? Such vegan accessories are found in multiple stores or websites and are very budget-friendly. 

  • Vegan snacks hamper
  • Well, who doesn’t like to munch on some yummy, finger-licking snacks? Nowadays there is a large variety of vegan snacks available at most grocery stores near you or you could always order online. These healthy snacks come in sweet, spicy, tangy all sorts of varieties. Just get an assortment and see their face light up.

  • Personalized aprons
  • If your partner loves to whip up some magic in the kitchen, what could be better than a custom apron with their name or some nice slogan on it? It will definitely make their time in the kitchen way more fun. Quite a few websites tend to offer such customized products. Do check it out!

  • Eco-friendly utensils and crockery
  • Vegans are very concerned about the environment and try to minimize the use of materials that would cause harm to the environment. Hence utensils and crockery made of natural materials such as bamboo, coconut shell etc. would be a great gift for them. 

  • Vegan chocolate box
  • Chocolates have always been the most common and endearing Valentine’s Day gift. For some V-Day might even be incomplete without receiving a box of chocolates from their loved one. There are plenty of vegan, gluten-free chocolates available on various sites online. 

  • Vegan cookbook
  • When has a cookbook been a bad idea? Never we say. Especially for the ones who love spending hours in the kitchen, whipping up delicacies. A vegan cookbook wouldn’t only be an amazing gift for your partner, but you too as you will get to taste test all the yummy food they make. 

  • Vegan cosmetics and beauty products
  • There are multiple vegan and cruelty-free beauty products available these days. Starting from makeup to body lotions, creams to shampoos, face washes to perfumes. Get a combination of such products for your partner and brighten up their day. 

  • Vegan bags
  • Fashion is extremely versatile and there are no limits to the range of amazing products that are available. Name one person who doesn’t love hoarding bags, especially when it comes to women you can never have enough bags. A different one for each occasion. If that’s a go to gifting option for you, explore the wide range of vegan bags available at both online and offline stores. They look just as stylish as leather and don’t harm your conscience either!

  • Vegan clothing
  • We are constantly upgrading our wardrobes and styling ourselves. Who doesn’t want to have a cupboard full of excellent clothes that make heads turn wherever you go? But with looking good, it wouldn’t also hurt to be environmentally sensitive and conscious. Here’s where vegan clothing comes in. Style and compassion going hand in hand. If you have a vegan partner, there is nothing better than this to prepare them for the dinner date!

  • Vegan Candles
  • Picture coming back home from work after a stressful day. You take a relaxing shower and light a candle, letting its aroma and heavenly fragrance fill up the room and slowly transport you to another world. There is often nothing more calming and blissful than an exquisite scented candle. What’s even better? When it is vegan and cruelty free soy wax candles. Go gift your partner one and let them delve deep into nirvana. 

    Well, by now we have definitely established that there are hordes of options to choose from to gift your vegan partner. This Valentine’s Day is not going to be dull for sure. If you are looking for a luxury vegan boutique where you can explore a range of clothes, bags, accessories and more, do visit Sybaritic. We can help you choose gifts that are going to make your partner the happiest.

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